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The Chief Revenue Officer as a title has grown rapidly, as businesses and markets have grown more complicated. The particular focus on revenue is in response to the growing need of digitization, automation and innovation that is happening in every industry.

The CRO is accountable for driving better integration and alignment between all revenue related functions, including marketing, sales, customer support, pricing, and revenue management.


In summary here, we focus on these key areas:


  • Customer Lifetime Value

  • Annual Recurring Revenue

  • Expansion Revenue

  • Annual Contract Revenue

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue

Much of this is accomplished through focus sessions, which allow us to get to heart of things. The outcome will providing clear understanding to where you are, and the vision of  where things need to be. Innovation and automation will be an important part of this move forward. Which enable the company to deliver more efficiently, and seamlessly. All of which allows you to compete at the maximum level.


Team Meeting


Our team are experts in revenue generation. In addition, we round out the team to work with partners that are experts in specific tools needed to help you .

Blake McMahan

Blake McMahan

Founder and Principal

After years of bringing the new "new" to market, I have learned the importance of clearly understanding the value of what you provide, through the eyes of your intended audience. The market tells you the value of what you provide, who wants it, and how best get it to them in the format they want. You simply have to listen. Technology is a weapon, that allows you to accomplish the above, in a sustainable and repeatable way. Through innovation, you are able to provide solutions, elicit feedback, and be more responsive to your clients.


We also have a team that provides marketing solutions for your business. Click the button below to know more!

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