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Developing Innovative Strategies



Our role is to help you organize processes, understand what you do well and best. We then overlay resources to be the most effective, efficient, and creating sustainable growth. 

We are acting as your "Chief Revenue Officer or CRO" which encompasses marketing, sales, related processes, innovation or automation and personnel to these areas.


Our process is similar, the time involved is up to you. We assess and review pain points, issues that you see initially. 

There are five main steps that we move thru for immediate impact, greater discovery, and repeatable processes.


We find that our clients are those that are in different stages, industries, and issues. The sameness is in the focus and need to make changes.  

Depending on the stage you are in, startup, growth, or mature, will drive appropriate next steps. Industry will also help determine best approach(s) that will allow you to more effectively compete and win.

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Much like a CEO is focused on multiple things at once to keep the business moving: We enable the business leader to truly focus on what will grow the company and align the four key characteristics to create short and long term success.

We define the CRO as an executive, with the focus of revenue that leverages the four ingredients of Technology, Process, Innovation, and People to create winning and repeatable systems. Done properly, this enables an immediate impact to the business. By maximizing these four key ingredients, you optimize your revenue for near and long term in a sustainable and repeatable growth pattern. Always using data for measurable results.


Businesses are in constant change or motion, so too are the competitive marketplace, with its processes and systems. As you plan strategically as to what is the next milestone, be it growth, acquisition, being acquired, exit and so on, You will need to review, revitalize and adapt to constant change.

As your CRO, we co-create strategy with Business executive to set up tactical plan and execute against it, with timelines.





“CROinPortions lived up to everything asked. Within one month we changed how we approached our pricing, contracts, and target audience. CROP had an immediate impact”


Troy Parker



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